The Deformation Analysis of the Curved Box Girder Bridges under Different Radius

  •  Liu Fangping    
  •  Zhou Jianting    


This paper investigates the influence of radius on the deformation of curved box girder bridges under the action of pre-stressed tendons. A spiral pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge in Chongqing is analyzed by using nonlinear finite element program ANSYS. The five different curved bridge models under weight and prestressing were created and the sameness and difference among them are gained and compared by numerical simulation. The results showed: 1. In five different situations, the box girder all occurs the vertical, radial and longitudinal deformation, among which vertical deformation is the main. At the same time, the box section occurred reverse and distortion, and the whole body of the beam rolls out. 2. The value of vertical displacement of mid-span of continuous curved box girder bridges relates with the horizontal radius. When the radius between one hundred meters and one hundred fifty meters, the influence of displacement is most sensitive, on the contrary, when the radius greater than two hundred meters, the influence of displacement is almost no effect to mid-span displacement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.