The Characteristic Analysis of Weak Current Sensor

  •  Su Chengzhi    
  •  Qiao Kuipu    
  •  Xu Yudong    
  •  Wang Enguo    
  •  Li Zhenhui    


The electrical equipment loss caused by the lightning and power’s increasing demand is reduced by monitoring the extent of the surge protector failure through measuring its leakage current on-line. Proposed a method of monitoring the surge protector’s failure degree online based on mutual inductance current sensor, established its mathematical model, analyzed the influence of coil turns, load resistance and stray capacitance on the amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristic. And used impact and sinusoidal signal to composite a motivic signal to test the optimized current sensor’s time-domain response feature by simulation. Experiments show: while the range of measured current is 0.2~9 mA, the mutual inductance current sensor designed can resist the impact of 50 kA high current, the current measurement error can be less than 0.11 mA, meet requirement of the leakage current on-line monitoring.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.