A General Approach for Solving Assignment Problems Involving with Fuzzy Cost Coefficients

  •  P. K. De    
  •  Bharti Yadav    


Assignment problem is one of the most-studied, well known and important problems in mathematical programming. In this paper two different type of assignment problems are discussed: conventional and fuzzy assignment problem. In conventional assignment problem, cost is always certain. This paper develops an approach to solve the fuzzy assignment problem where cost is not deterministic numbers but imprecise ones. Here, the elements of the cost matrix of the assignment problem are triangular fuzzy numbers. Its triangular shaped membership function is defined. The optimal solution of fuzzy assignment problem is obtained successfully by using this approach. Compared with the result of conventional assignment problem, the result obtained by our approach is more advantaged for decision-makers. Finally, to show the efficiency of the proposed approach, the problem is demonstrated by one numerical example.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.