Integration of Geographic Information System and 2D Imaging to investigate the effects of subsurface conditions on flood occurrence

  •  AbdulNafiu Adiat    
  •  Mohd Nordin Nawawi    
  •  Khirudin Abdullah    


Availability of accurate flood maps and adequate understanding of the subsurface conditions can enhance the effective management of flood disasters. In this study, the GIS and the 2D resistivity imaging had been employed to carry out the preparedness phase of flood management. The objectives of the study include developing flood risk map and establishing link between the subsurface conditions and flood occurrence. The results showed that about 93% of the area is vulnerable to flood occurrence. The subsurface investigations revealed that the area is characterized by the presence of thick column of impermeable clayey overburden material. Correlation of 78.57% was established between the thickness of clayey overburden and the flood vulnerability. This suggests that the flood occurrence in the area is largely dependent on geologic factor. The study is useful in reducing flood damages and planning mitigation measures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.