Lactic Acid Production from Fresh Cassava Roots Using Single-Stage Membrane Bioreactor

  •  Suripto Yuwono    
  •  Sutopo Hadi    
  •  Fitriani Fitriani    
  •  Takao Kokugan    


The production of lactic acid from fresh cassava roots by Steptococcus bovis using membrane bioreactor was investigated. Single-stage membrane bioreactor (MBR) without purging was conducted to find out the concentration and productivity of the lactic acid obtained. The result showed that in a single stage MBR, the lactic acid productivity and concentration were 1.88 g/Lh and 15.7 g/L, respectively which were obtained at dilution rate of 0.12 h-1 and 30 g/L feeding sugar concentration. The result also indicated that the MBR bioreactor operation showed excellently and potentially for the production of lactic acid directly from fresh cassava roots by S. bovis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.