Used in Image Acquisition Area CCD Driving Circuit Design

  •  Yan Liu    
  •  Guo Li    


To satisfy the demands such as high integrated degree and the handling of real time of the area CCD image collection system, according to the structural characteristic of area CCD, this paper has designed a kind of high integrated degree drive circuit. Through analyzing the internal structure and the characteristic of driving signals of area CCD, the driving circuit of area CCD have gone on suit and simplify, at the same time, FPGA that adopts the company of Xilinx is key controller , have put forward a kind of the image collection system that suits area CCD. Finally, respond degree of area CCD has been tested. Experiment result shows, respond degree of area CCD is linear. The design has realized hardware eventually, is integrated as designing, have raised development efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.