Integrated Weed Management in Zimbabwe’s Smallholder Sector, Where Are We? : A Review

  •  Mandumbu Ronald    
  •  Jowah Peter    
  •  Karavina Charles    
  •  Handsen Tibugari    


The introduction of the Integrated weed Management (IWM) in Zimbabwe’s small holder sector seemed to be the answer to the weed management problem in the sector. However up to the present moment the drudgery associated with weeding still dominate in the sector. Research in Zimbabwe has investigated various  techniques varying from cultural, chemical to mechanical weed management techniques. Despite the fact that some of them have produced excellent results, the integration of these techniques into a weed suppressive cropping system still lags behind. Research information accessibility by both extension personnel and  the smallholder sector constitutes one of the  major challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.