The Isolation of ?-viniferin, A Trimer Stilbene, from Shorea ovalis Blume

  •  Noviany Noviany    
  •  Sutopo Hadi    


The derivative of oligomeric stilbene compound which was identified as a-viniferin, a trimer stilbene, was successfully isolated from acetone extract of stem bark of Shorea ovalis Blume (Dipterocarpaceae). The isolation of this trimer stilbene from this Shorea plant has never been done previously. The purification methods included extraction, partition, and fractionation with vacuum liquid chromatography and then followed by gravity column chromatography. The structure of the compound isolated was determined based on the analyses of physical data, UV and IR spectroscopies and compared to the standard compound of a-viniferin.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.