Designing, Construction and Analysis of Speed Control System of the Fan with PV Feeding Source in an Air Solar Collector

  •  Amir Hematian    
  •  Yahya Ajabshehichi    
  •  Hossein Behfar    
  •  Hessamoddin Ghahramani    


Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources which can be received more by designing more accurate systems. In this article a flat solar collector with the area of 2×1m2 and thickness of 0.5mm, made of steel iron in the form of venetian blinds (in order to increase exposure to air) has been used. The surface of absorber plate was black and for insulation of the body of the collector glass wool has been used with 5 cm thickness. One of the essential problems of air solar collectors is that the temperature of the exiting air temperature from the collector is variable during the day and their efficiency is low in the last hours of the day and also when the weather suddenly gets cloudy .In this study, to keep constant the exiting air from the collector consistent in the desired limits, a control system is designed and constructed by applying photovoltaic cells, a microcontroller (AVR) and temperature sensors (LM35). Three temperature sensors were installed in the exit of the collector .The experiment results showed that by automatic change of the fan's speed in the designed system, the exiting temperature of the collector was obtained in the desired limits which is an outstanding advantage for various applications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.