The Current Distribution of Symmetrical Dual and Triple Feeding Full-Wave Dipole Antenna

  •  Yahya S. H. Khraisat    
  •  Khedher A Hmood    
  •  Al-Mofleh Anwar    


This paper is focused on the analysis of the current distribution of symmetrical full-wave dipole antenna based on double and triple feeding techniques; the current distributions were measured using a shielded loop protruding through a slit in the antenna surface along its axis, gives exact and accurate measurement rather than sinusoidal approximation. However, the sinusoidal distributions of current and voltage are approximations rather than exact descriptions.  Next the current distributions were modeled and formulated whose parameters were deduced from the measured current distribution by applying the current distribution data in models as derived by IEEE standard

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.