Study on the Camouflaged Target Detection Method Based on 3D Convexity

  •  Yuxin Pan    
  •  Yiwang Chen    
  •  Qiang Fu    
  •  Ping Zhang    
  •  Xin Xu    


To effectively detect the camouflaged target in the complex background, the target detection method based on 3D convexity is proposed in this article. This method uses a new operator which can fully utilize the representative image gray level represented by the convexity structure of the target, set up appropriate threshold to eliminate the influence of the background noise by the median filtering through the gray face of the target image, and realize the effective detection and identification of the convexity target. The experiment result shows that this method could successively detect the camouflaged targets in the complex background, better than classic edge detection method. As a new camouflaged target detection and evaluation technology, this method can provide necessary factors for the design and implementation of the camouflage technology, and promote the development of the camouflage technology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.