Fault Tolerant Control of Induction Motor

  •  Khalaf Gaeid    


The principle of vector control of electrical machines is to control both the magnitude and the phase of each phase, current and voltage. MATLAB/Simulink has been performed for assessment of operating features of the proposed scheme. Proportional Integral (PI) speed controller is designed in this paper. Test response of the developed variable speed drive along with the simulated response is given and discussed in detail for torque and speed. Fault tolerant fundamental is applied to the system when it is subject to a system fault. Two faults are investigated in this paper, stator short winding and broken rotor bar. The induction motor operates with acceptable performance in both speed and torque. The induction motor modeling along with the vector control fault tolerant scheme is investigated to show the optimal response of the control system

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.