The Study of Relationship between Coping with Pain Experiences (Migraines) and Happiness

  •  Azizi, masome    
  •  Nour-Mohammad Yaghoubi    
  •  Alemeh Keikha    


The purpose of present research is reviewing the relationship between coping strategies of headache and happiness so the method of copying strategies of headache and happiness. So the methodology of research is descriptive – measured statistical society of research included those students of Zabol University who have migraine headache. For selected statistical sample, caucus sampling method was used and 120 people were choose as statistical sample which included 67 boys and 53 girls. To collect information, were used Oxfords happiness questionnaire and checking strategies of migraine headache questionnaires of migraine headache questionnaire. Analysis of data was done in two statistical methods, descriptive statistics included frequency distribution, determination of mean. Standard deviation, drawing table, …. In information statistics, pierson correlation test and independent T test were used for analyzing data. The results of research indicate that, there is meaning correlation between varieties of checking strategies of headache and happiness. Also these are meaning fullness difference between create a disaster, soliloquy and reinterpretation among boy and girls students.

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