Improved Error Correction Techniques for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) Service

  •  Xiaoming Chen    
  •  Yuk Ying Chung    
  •  Wei-Chang Yeh    
  •  Neil Bergmann    
  •  Noorhaniza Wahid    
  •  Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran    


This paper focuses on error correction and concealment technologies for the modern video encoding/decoding standards. In this paper, we present a subblock error concealment method for intra-frames based on an error detection scheme in error prone network environments such as the application of digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB). The proposed method has been implemented in H.264/AVC codecs (JM98). Experimental results show that the proposed method can overcome the drawbacks of the existing methods and therefore can improve the PSNR when compared with the traditional Weight Pixel Averaging (WPA).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.