Digital Topology Optimization Design and Manufacturing Based on the Level Set Method

  •  Sen Liang    
  •  Y.X. Zhang    


This paper presents a unified process of digital structural topological optimization and digital manufacturing. Based on a level set method and an augmented Lagrange multiplier method, the cloud data of the level-set surface for the optimized result are obtained. A new triangular facet approximation method to approach the level-set surface is presented to extract the zero-level-set cloud data of the topologically optimized structure. By using a slice method and the distance formula between two points, the extracted cloud data of the boundaries of the optimized structures are classified into different boundary curves. Along with the standards of the digital manufacturing, the sorted points are translated into a processing program for digital manufacturing of the optimized structures by using an automatic programming technology. The Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining is employed to manufacture digitally the work-piece with the optimized design. The digital structural optimization and manufacturing of a 2-D work-piece validate the method and process presented in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.