Impact of Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs on Rural Development in Sindh

  •  Faiz. M.Shaikh    
  •  Kamran Shafiq    
  •  Asif Ali Shah    


This research investigates the impact of Small and Medium enterprises (SME’s) in economic development in general and with reference to Rural Development, in particular, to analyze the export potential of Pakistani’s SME’s and its impact on the economy of Pakistan. Data were collected from 100 SMEs business exports in Pakistan by using simple random technique and Structural questionnaire is the basic tool for measuring export potential. Data from developing countries were collected through secondary sources and data were analysis by using Gen-Stat-statistical software. The response rate was 90% 180 samples were responded in this research. Gen-Stat statistical software has been used to analyses the data. It was revealed that the export potential of SME’s in Pakistan is much better than among third world countries but compare to developing world we are bit slow in developing export markets in the world. The strategic planning and resources should be needed for increasing export through SME’s. The results showed that Pakistani’ SME’s using only small portion in the export of the SME’s products where as other developing countries like Malaysia, Thialand, Japan they develop their economy through SME’s. A survey was conducted in various districted of Pakistan and specially 60% from the interior Sindh province. Sample size was 200 and using simple random technique. The growth of SME in Pakistan is increasing in last decades and especially in the interior Sindh the women’s are more actively participate in developing Small and Medium Enterprises business in Sindh. It was revealed the Government and private sector should encourage women’s to participate more in developing SMEs in various parts of Pakistan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.