The Method of Transfer Matrix and the Efficiency of the Sports Training

  •  Youcai Xue    


The efficiency of sports training is an important parameter to judge the level of different coaches and their ability. To determine the training efficiency of the coaches, we should, firstly, remove the fundamental diversities of the different athletes and then judge them on the same level. Secondly, we should also pay more attention to the progress of the athlete, that is to say that our evaluation ought to focus on the variation made by the athletes who are directed by the coaches. This paper applies the method of one - step transfer probability matrix in the Markov Chains, and indicates the definition of the original state vector, the state transfer matrix, the state transfer degree matrix, the efficiency degree and so on. Then a mathematical model about the efficiency of the coach is established and the criteria steps are shown. The injustice of the evaluation by the fundamental diversities of different athletes is removed from the model, and the result reflects the degree of the improvement and transformation of the athlete, furthermore reflects the training efficiency and the training level of the coach accurately. At last an example and a piece of computer program to solve this problem are given.

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