Study on the Network Virtual Ear Experiment Based on 3D Engine

  •  Xiujuan Wang    
  •  Dan Wang    
  •  Hui Wang    
  •  Lingge Meng    


At present, the virtual experiment has been one of the most important and hot applications in the virtual reality technology. By applying advanced computer and network technology into the classroom teaching and network distance teaching, combining with the ear experiment in the anthropotomy course, using 3DMax and MaxScript scripting language to construct the 3D modeling of ear, and transferring VRML and JavaScript technological combination to realize the dynamic interaction of the ear structure and eardrum vibration. The virtual experiment based on the campus network in the article could be presented to teachers and students by the web form, and support the classroom teaching and network distance teaching sufficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.