Parametric Design of Batch Flender’s Gear Units Based on Pro/Engineer

  •  Xinyi Jiang    
  •  Jingfeng Shen    
  •  Liangwei Zhong    


On the basis of studying the structure and design specification of Flender’s gear units, a method of parametric design and modeling for batch gear units based on Pro/Engineer has been adopted. According to given dimensions, we has initially defined variables in Pro/Engineer and established a family table which comprises all the required dimensions, then assigned variables or equations to corresponding feature dimensions during modeling. The model of a gear unit consists of two sections: one is the fundamental shape, the dimensions of which are all given; the other is the external embellish, including the bosses around the axes, the oil gallery for lubrication, the inspecting hole and so on, the dimensions of which are to be designed and determined by designers so as to create an ideal figure of the case. Thus, each series of gear units merely requires a single model, so that all parts in the entire series of gear units shall be generated through the family table and saved as an individual product respectively. The experimental results demonstrate that the development period is shortened, the cost is reduced and the productivity is increased.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.