A Composite Detection and Disposal Scheme for Explosive Embedded in Building

  •  Xiang Fang    
  •  Dong Li    
  •  Lijun Xie    


The terrorists may embed explosives in the building, and then detonate them at a certain time. In recent years, the detection of this kind of explosive has been a new subject in anti-terrorism. Aiming to prevent this form of terrorist attack, this paper discusses some current explosive detection techniques and the way they may be used in the inspection and assessment of building. The techniques that have been studied are: ground penetration radar, harmonic radar, neutral technique and abrasive water jet cutting technology. Based on the results of analysis----an overall assessment scheme is proposed. This type of scheme has been proved to fit environment of reinforced concrete and to improve detection rate as well as for reduction of false rates too.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.