Evaluation of a Cooling Performance of a Typical Full Loaded Cool Storage Using Mono-scale CFD Simulation

  •  Seyed Majid Sajadiye    
  •  Hojat Ahmadi    
  •  Seyed Mostafa Hosseinalipour    
  •  Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi    
  •  Mohammad Layeghi    
  •  Younes Mostofi    
  •  Amir Raja    


A mono-scale three-dimensional validated CFD model was developed to predict airflow, heat and mass transfer in order to evaluate the cooling performance of a typical full loaded cool storage. The bottom of the room was subjected to fresher and cooler air with relatively higher velocity, therefore the product’s temperature reduced from top to bottom (at least from 288 to 286.21 ?k) as well as from left to right (at least from 289.91 to 283.86 ?k). The averaged absolute deviation of product’s temperature varied versus cooling time and reached to the maximum of 2.1 ?C between the 7 and 9th hours of cooling time and 0.7 ?C at the end of cooling process. Between 5.5 to 9.5 ?C difference was observed between the hottest and coolest product’s temperature during the cooling time. The model predicted the average weight loss of 1.85% for apple during the six months period in cool storage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.