Selection Criteria and Analysis of LCC Resonant DC – DC Converters for Automotive Applications

  •  Prabhakar Mahalingam    
  •  S. Arulmozhi    
  •  V. Kamaraj    


In this paper, a technique is developed for the selection of LCC topologies for automotive applications. All available LCC topologies are categorised based on the order of their voltage gain expression. Source/sink requirement for automotive applications is specified based on which some topologies are found to be realizable. Voltage gain expressions for these topologies are obtained and plotted. From the voltage gain plot, two candidate topologies are chosen. Closed form expressions for current gain, stress across resonant tank elements, circulating reactive power and stored energy in the tank are obtained. In addition, the optimum value of Q which results in smallest possible resonant tank is determined and is found to be 0.545.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.