Improvement of an Isolation Medium for Actinomycetes

  •  Jinhua Zhang    
  •  Liping Zhang    


By comparing differences among the effects of several isolation mediums on soil actinomycetes, we attempted to find a isolation medium that could result in actionomycetes with high diversity. Soil samples were isolated by the dilution plateing method, and genomic DNA was extracted using phenol-chloroform method. After amplification by 16S rDNA PCR, PCR products were sequenced and undertaken phylogenetic analysis in order to determine the ownership of isolates. The results showed that the isolated strains belonged to 15 genuses; as for the established medium in the present paper, ZSSE was easier to isolate rare actiomycetes with rich diversity, and could replace routine agars such as Gause`s No.1, HV and ISP5; CHV was easier to isolate micromonospora.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.