The Application of Information Assay Algorithm in Quality Control, Case Study Research: The Body Making Hall of Peugeot 207

  •  Mahan Khatib    
  •  Ghazal Hosseini    


This research inspected the requested of information assay algorithm in quality rein, situation research investigation: Peugeot 207 body entrance. Nowadays, human capability for manufacture and group of dataset have been developing swiftly. Most of facture frolic significant figure in this procedure; namely, prevalent utilization of computer capabilities in various body of knowledge, in expansion tools for set information, study and consistent knowledge systems, integrated banking systems, and electronic commerce. The explosive expansion in stored datum has given rise to new technologies and automated tools to transform the vast amount of datum into facts and knowledge, hence information assay is a solution for the obstacle. Information assay is prophesied to utilize of information assay tools in order to realize the templates and reliable interaction which has undisclosed so far. The willing research is requested to announce information assay in a manufacture company of Iran Automotive firm; that the original purpose is to demonstrate the reliable evaluation and some of dependability and precision controllers in the body construction company. In the recent researches, scholar efforts to provide this precision by cent and utilizing CLEMENTINE schedule, and attempts to show that when the researcher warrants a body, to what extent it can be possible to need to be re-diagnosed by the editors' instant response system. In the current research, the primary data of the quality information systems that have been accessed are used to perform calculations by the CLEMENTINE program. The findings of the study showed that the prediction is reliable in 85% of the opportunities. By using data analysis in the process of quality control and predicting the accuracy of people's performance in the bodybuilding salon and preventing the discovery of problems and defects in the reactivity department.

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