From Months to Days—An Efficient Microsoft-Excel Database: A Case of Dam Maintenance in United Arab Emirates

  •  Saeed Khalifa AlShaali    
  •  Ahmed Salem Alhammadi    
  •  Naser Salem AlKatheeri    
  •  Shady Mohammad Zeineldine    
  •  Ahmed Abdelrahim Alzarooni    
  •  Salwa Mubarak Thani    
  •  Elsayed Eldosouky Eid    


The subject of this study is the phenomenon of the success of an electronic program (Microsoft-Excel®) for the dam maintenance database. Project improvement includes three phases with a duration of 2 years. The current Excel programming is free, in contrast to specialized software, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. More than 6,000 cells were programmed with many smart logarithmic equations. The purpose of this study is to explain, in a practical and theoretical framework, the reasons that cause the distinguished project results (reduction of the completion of maintenance reports from months to 5–10 working days) with low-cost efficiency. Therefore, this leads to increasing the agility of maintenance work fulfilments (effectiveness). Particularly, 11 criteria were designed to compare the status of the project; before and after; improvement. Theoretically, this study adopted the case-study research approach. It aims at setting enablers (actions) that lead to a specific outcome (theory - model building) of the current practice. The study sample was represented by the project team themselves. As a result, the study model (theory) estimated six elements (variables). Generally, the reasons for the success included three elements: technical, managerial and personal factor. These factors led the maintenance project to achieve high efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. As a comprehensive recommendation, if any global construction institution (such as the Dams Department) intends to implement a similar e-project, its focus should not be limited to the electronic aspect; rather, the managerial and personal aspect should be the focus. In addition, this e-project is a ready base for an optimized technological platform.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.