New Systematic Solution for Resolving Nonlinear Dynamics Using System Analytical Theory Based on Engineering Science

  •  Deok-soo Cha    
  •  Kyoung-il Kim    


There are many nonlinear dynamics in field of non-physical sciences, such as the food chain, economic systems, or engineering systems with the characteristics of closed or open-loop systems. The problems arising from this have been resolved by the outdated chaos theory in statistical physics based on the paradigm of logical thinking. However, it was founded by classical physicists, and it is imperfect and vague, moreover, very difficult for others. Therefore, we require a perfect systematic solution based on systems thinking, such as systems analytical methods in engineering science. Surprisingly, in 2021, a non-physicist, on behalf of a physicist, has successfully resolved the problems and achieved a new solution based on systems thinking through interdisciplinary research; moreover, it has been published. Unfortunately, most physicists do not welcome it because they have no experience and it is disadvantageous to them like the Copernican theory. In addition, they have no ability to evaluate the new solution because they do not know the analytic method. Nevertheless, non-physicists are greatly welcome it, thus, there is no problem in it. Hence, non-physicists will verify it using MATLAB or simulator and apply it to all science, on behalf of physicists. If so, non-physicists will have both a logical solution and a systematic solution for resolving nonlinear dynamics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.