Three Cases of Gradual Degradation Mode Analysis of Semiconductor Laser Diodes

  •  Jack Jia-Sheng Huang    
  •  C. K. Wang    
  •  Yu-Heng Jan    


Semiconductor laser diodes are important components for various applications such as 5G wireless, datacenter, passive optical network, and aerospace applications. High reliability has emerged to be the universal requirement for all optical applications. To achieve high reliability, fundamental understanding of the laser degradation behavior is crucial. In this paper, we study three cases of gradual degradataion modes of laser diodes including (1) Pattern-A that is associated with threshold current change only, (2) Pattern-B that involve both threshold current and power changes, and (3) Pattern-C that is associated with merely power change. We have instituted reliability equations for the degradation processes. The new reliability models could provide estimation on the laser end-of-life based on the degradation rate and device performance specification.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.