Palestinian University Students' Perceptions of Distance Education in Light of the Coronavirus Crisis

  •  Rima Wajih Hamed Daraghmeh    


A study aimed to identify Palestinian university students' perceptions of using distance education in light of the Coronavirus crisis from the students' point of view, depending on the differences between gender or the university in which they study. The descriptive approach was used for the current research. The 25-paragraph questionnaire was distributed electronically through social media sites due to the closure of universities. The sample of the study was formed from (73) distributed among (16) males and (57) females and distributed to universities came (42) students of Palestine Technical University Khudouri, and (19) students of Al-Najah University and (12) students of Arab American University.
The study found that Distance Education was a problem for students because of the constant need for Internet service, while Distance Education helped them with multiple sources of information. Moreover, Distance Education did not make it easier to understand teaching subjects better, nor did it make education popular for students. They preferred education that was more remote than Distance Education. The study also did not find any differences in the perceptions of Palestinian university students to use distance education in light of the Coronavirus crisis due to the variable of gender or university.
The most important recommendations are providing an appropriate educational structure for implementing e-learning in Palestinian universities and removing all human, material and technical obstacles that prevent its spread in the educational system in various stages and fields. And that there is a need for Palestinian universities to offer materials that provide students with e-learning skills and techniques to facilitate the process of interaction and benefit by students with Educational materials provided electronically.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.