The Influence of Turkish Drama on Socio-Cultural Values of Saudi Women

  •  Merfat Alardawi    
  •  Ayman Bajnaid    
  •  Pat Brereton    


Dramas made in Turkey are the most popular soap opera-type in the Arab world and are often watched by women. This study aimed to investigate, from a critical perspective, the impact that Turkish dramas (TDs) might have on developing attitudes of Saudi women. While more than 60 country-specific studies in the Middle East and North Africa have investigated the impact of dramas on audiences, Research regarding Saudi Arabia is surprisingly lacking. Therefore, the effect of TDs on Saudi women was examined as part of this study. Qualitative methodology was used, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with eight Saudi women (aged between 18 and 40) who have watched TDs. Following the groupings, qualitative analysis techniques were employed as part of thematic analysis (TA). The responses of Saudi women highlighted the different types of impacts that TDs have on Saudi audiences: positive, negative, and neutral. The study made a small but essential contribution to an under-researched issue of pleasures of TDs and their representational heuristics in capturing both positive, negative, and so much in between for a particular cohort of Saudi women. It is the first qualitative examination of the impact of TDs on Saudi women's attitudes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.