Assessment for the Evaluation of E-Learning and Teaching by the Quality Matter Standards Post COVID-19

  •  Hind Abdelmoneim Khogali    


On 18 March, the WHO announced that COVID-19 was a global pandemic, and the Ministry of Health instituted a COVID-19 lockdown. After the period of restrictions ended, blended learning was initiated at the universities.
The research aims to evaluate the responses of students, teachers, and quality units in the teaching and learning process by Quality Matter standards. The survey was constructed using a Google form. The research recorded positive data in most of the Quality Matter Standards (QM) in Architecture Engineering Program applied by 95%. Some weakness points were identified 5% and are discussed in this paper. The results by (QM) St1 (2.7/3), St2 (2.6/3), St3 (2.6/3), St4 (2.6/3), St5 (2.6/3), St6 (2.5/3), St7 (2.6/3), St8 (2.7/3). General conclusions are added for teachers to be applied to e-learning education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.