Examination of the Quality Indicators of Haraz River Water, Inflow and Outflow of Water of Fish Farm

  •  Azam Ali Khademi    
  •  Mahsa Najafi    
  •  Shahrzad Khoram Nejadian    
  •  Babak Moghadas    


This study was an attempt to examine the quality indicators of Haraz River water inflow and outflow of water of fish farms. This study aimed to prove and assess the water pollution status of Haraz River and investigate the impact of fish farms on river water quality. Sampling was performed in two seasons of summer and autumn of 2015 in seven stations of river water and inflow and outflow of farms water. Quality pollution index includes (temperature, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, electrical conductivity, BOD, COD, PH Were measured. Comparison of the results with the allowable values of Iran code and waste water standards showed that the factors in all samples and both seasons were in the allowable range and the rate of these indicators in autumn is higher than the summer. The amount of ammonia, carbon and total phosphate in summer is higher than the autumn. The findings of the results reveal that the proper quality and cleanliness of Haraz River water in the study area show that the activity of farms doesn’t have a significant effect on the quality index of Haraz River water.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.