From Traditional Schools to Modern Schools: The Quest for to Improve the Quality of Schools Environment in Iran

  •  Kimia Ghasemi    
  •  Mostafa Behzadfar    
  •  Mahdi Hamzenejad    


This article, through comparison, analyzes evolutions in architecture and school concepts and the relation between them in classic and modern periods in Iran, and by relying on persistent traditional Islamic schools architectural design patterns, provides an atmosphere, conforming to physical and spiritual needs in schools. The research method used in this article is descriptive-analytical and is conducted through library study in order to get familiarized with persistent social components in these schools, to use in new schools. In this research, after evaluating traditional schools, some factors, such as flexibility, central courtyard and the presence of natural elements in there, annular formation of classrooms and appropriate atmosphere for discussions and the transformation process of the interior and exterior relations are introduced which we can use in designing new schools, in order to fully improve the quality of the atmosphere in modern schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.