Emotional Organization Strategies for Educational Counselors in Government Schools and its Relationship to Some Variables

  •  Areen Mohammed Alghzewat Alkhawaldeh    


This study aimed to identify the level of emotional organization strategies among educational counselors in government schools according to the variable (gender and years of experience), and the study sample was chosen randomly, as the sample reached (93) female and male counselors, of whom (41) were male and (52) female counselors, the researcher used the scale of the emotional organization strategies, which were developed for the purposes of this study, where the results showed that the level of the emotional organization strategies was "average" among the study sample individuals on the scale as a whole and the sub-dimensions, as the levels of emotional organization as a whole are higher for males as well as for those with more than ten years of experience and in the light of the results revealed by the study, the researcher recommends the need to take care of the counselors by exposing them to training guidance programs to develop emotional organization strategies that increase their professional and self-efficacy to face professional and life pressures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.