Develop a List to Detect the Professional Tendencies of Hearing Impaired Enrolled in Vocational Rehabilitation Programs and Deaf Schools in Jordan

  •  Feryal Abdel- hadi Shanikat    


The current study aimed to develop a list of professional tendencies and verify the implications of its validity and reliability and know the professional tendencies and impact of gender variables and the degree of disability on hearing-impaired people's professional tendencies. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed the list of Arabized professional tendencies of John Holland in a way that suits the characteristics of the hearing-impaired and using the previous literature and previous studies, where the indications of validity and reliability were extracted from the pilot study, then the study tool was applied to the final sample, which consisted of (118) hearing-impaired individuals from deaf schools and vocational rehabilitation centers in Jordan who are in the stage of professional selection in cooperation with my translators of sign language of schools and rehabilitation centers, where the study reached the indications of validity and reliability of the study tool, the study also found that there was no effect of gender and degree of disability variable on the professional tendencies of hearing-impaired people, as it came out with a set of research and educational recommendations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.