The Degree of the Irbid School Principals Practice of Inspiring Leadership and Its Relationship to the Level of Organizational Energy of Teachers from Their Point of View

  •  Ala Ahmad Harahsheh    
  •  Worod Maarouf Al-Taani    
  •  Ghadeer Salih Khataybeh    


The study aimed to identify the degree of the Irbid school principals ’practice of inspiring leadership and its relationship to the level of organizational energy of teachers from their point of view. The relational descriptive approach was used, and the study sample consisted of (350) teachers. The study tool was developed as it consisted of (50) paragraphs, distributed into two parts: Part One, Inspirational Leadership and consisting of (26) paragraphs, distributed into four areas, namely: self-confidence, challenge, change management, strategic vision (future), and the second part: Organizational energy, which consists of (24) paragraphs distributed into three areas (emotional energy, cognitive energy, and physical energy). The results of the study showed that the degree of the school principals of the Irbid schools for inspiring leadership was high, with an average score (3.75), and the level of organizational energy among teachers with a medium grade, with an average score of (3.58), and the existence of a statistically significant positive relationship between the degree of practice of school principals in Irbid Governorate for inspiring leadership and the level of organizational energy of teachers from a teacher’s perspective. The study recommend that school leaderships need to involve all concerned and responsible parties for formulating the school's goals, and then laying down practical mechanisms to achieve them. And encouraging innovation and creativity in order to build a second class of leaders who are able to be inspiring leaders by holding training courses and workshops to clarify this concept, due to its effective role in enhancing the organizational energy of teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.