The Interaction Design Strategy of Foreign Exchange Students on Network Field

  •  Dan Shang    
  •  Yuanwei Xiang    
  •  Yongxin Guan    


In the background of the Belt and Road initiative, international exchanges and cooperation are increasingly frequent and the number of students studying abroad is on the rise. Foreign exchange students living abroad are easily influenced by the environment, field culture, discourse subject etc, so that it's common for their ideas to be impacted. Cultural adaptation and avoiding western cultural osmosis are extraordinarily important in the management of foreign exchange students. Field theory provides a new means to resolve this problem. By using questionnaire to collect data and through behavior event interview, understand the behavior of foreign exchange students in the use of new media. And then, design user portrait according to the data results and interview content and construct the field environment elements of online education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.