Democracy in Education between Reality and Aspirations: Palestine as a Model

  •  Mohammad Awad Shuibat    


The research aims to study “education democracy " in terms of democratic practices in the educational process, developing a spirit of criticism, plurality of opinions, tolerance towards the opinions of others, respecting the decision of the majority and taking responsibility for the decision. In addition to the relationship between democracy and education, the relationship between democracy and education as a practice, and clarifying the goals of education for democracy, and clarifying areas of democratic awareness, the implications of education for democracy and procedures for developing democratic practices in education and the detection of obstacles to democratic practices in the educational process, and that is in the context of an applied analytical and scientific study based on the researcher's visit to Palestinian educational institutions and his knowledge of their reality, through which the researcher seeks to present what is hoped from the "education democracy" and how should it be applied to reality and what goals should these institutions seek to achieve?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.