Women’s Resistance in Palestinian Autobiographies from a Feminist Perspective Suad Amiry’s Sharon and My Mother in Law

  •  Samah A. F. Jarrad    


This paper aims to explore the role of Palestinian women in resisting both occupation and male dominance through keeping dairies that have acquired the quality of autobiographies and have been circulated widely. The main focus of this paper is Suad Amri’s autobiography Sharon and my Mother in Law in which she tries to highlight both the feminist and the resistance aspects of her life in Ramallah eventually becoming representative of the lives of all women in Palestine. The research concludes that the identity of the colonized is shaped by their collective memory which is affected by their resistance narrative. The results also show that through their writing, Palestinian women have managed to reclaim their creative space and to challenge the limitations imposed on them by both occupation and patriarchy. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.