Experimental Study of Solar Water Heater under the Libyan Climate Conditions

  •  Ali. J. S. Alrafad    
  •  Abdihg S. Alrafad    
  •  Tarek. Hamad    
  •  Ahmed. Nassar    


In our modern societies, One of the main and simplest signature traits is hot water as a convenient and efficient way of life either for industrial and domestic purposes, however, obtaining hot water in most cases will be through fossil fuel either by direct burning for the fuel for heating or indirectly by using electricity that generated by fossil fuel. Using solar heaters will limit the in some extent the usage of fossil fuel.

A flat solar water heater of (165 to 175) cm3 has been constructed to be used as a model for educational purposes. The solar heater is made of local materials consist of galvanized iron pipes, glass surfaces, wool insulation, aluminum frame, and fixed iron base. Moreover, Thermocouples, pyranometer, and an anemometer were used to test the performance of the heater in four days in May for the angle of inclination of the complex 320 is on the horizontal. In conclusion, the daily average efficiency was around 57%. The temperature in the tank is about  62 0C at noon, which is sufficient for home use throughout the day.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.