Local Tourism? Why Not! Integrating Tourism Geographic Spatial in Ngawi Regency, Indonesia

  •  Dyah E Setyowati    
  •  Yani Antariksa    
  •  Endri Haryati    
  •  Haryono Haryono    
  •  Indra P P Salmon    


Ngawi Regency has a diversity of tourist destinations supported by the accessibility of strategic areas, but there are problems in the form of tourist visits opportunity that are still not optimal. The strategy that must be carried out is to design a tourist destination design in a strategic access corridor between the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Solo, Ngawi, and Surabaya (Yogya-Solo-Ngawi-Surabaya) and open access to local tourism information. This strategy is also applied on the basis of the strategic accessibility of Ngawi Regency which is located between the northern coast lines that connect various tourist attractions. The purpose of this study is to map each area of ​​tourist destinations and connectivity within an integrated area, and; designing a spatial structuring model for integrated tourist destination areas in Ngawi Regency. The series is arranged in the corridor of tourist paths in Yogya-Solo-Ngawi-Surabaya. The method used in the study is a qualitative approach. Data collection is done through observation, in-depth interviews, descriptive statistical data, and documentation. The study results show that there are opportunities in the form of 9 development tourism destinations to be integrated in the Yogya-Solo-Ngawi-Surabaya tourism corridor. Integration is carried out in the tourist destination system in the districts: Karang Jati, Padas, Ngawi, Widodaren, Mantingan (Jatipangawitan). While in the spatial development policy of the Jogya-Solo-Ngawi-Surabaya corridor tourist area, components of tourism products are offered consisting of cultural attractions (3 main dances), accessibility (facilities and infrastructure), amenities (culinary, hotel, souvenirs), and activities (5 tour packages) that are developed according to the demand and dynamics of tourism in Indonesia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.