Examining the Influence of COVID 19 Pandemic in Changing Customers' Orientation towards E-Shopping

  •  Tareq N. Hashem    


Current study aimed at examining the change in customer behavior during COVID 19 pandemic towards e-shopping. Variables taken into perspective included (Frequency, Necessity, Method of Payment, Price, and Availability of Product/Service). A simple random sample of (500) citizens in Jordan were exposed to an online questionnaire regarding their consuming behavior before and after the pandemic. Results of study indicated the COVID19 pandemic managed to change customer behavior towards depending more on online shopping and e-payment methods during COVID19 pandemic and the circumstances of lockdown and quarantine, in addition to that, results of pre and post behavior indicated that the influence appeared to be more influenced by gender and academic qualification as females' behavior appeared to be more influential and those who held a diploma. Study recommended that companies need to develop effective marketing strategies and enhance their presence in the e-commerce sector. 

However, one question remained unanswered; will society’s behavior change after the pandemic's demise, and will this behavior turn into an economic mind that measures things in numbers?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.