Analysis of Data on Socio-Demographic and Clinical Factors of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic in Spain on Cases of Recovered and Death Cases

  •  G. Sanglier Contreras    
  •  M. Robas Mora    
  •  P. Jimenez Gómez    


Carrying out a study of socio-demographic and clinical factors to determine which of these are more significant and have a greater influence on the speed of the spread of the virus, taking into account the behaviour of people who have died and been recovered in Spain. The objectives of this study have been to analyze the influence of socio-demographic and clinical factors on the speed of propagation of Covid-19, to determine the most relevant factors and to propose studies determining the prevalence of the disease.

The Chi-square model supported by the statistical program Statgraphics Centurion xvi has been used to determine the dependence or not of the different variables studied on the speed of propagation of the virus. In relation to the clinical variables, a cluster study has been carried out to see their dependence.

Very relevant conclusions have been obtained from the factor of age in the different analyzed bands, as well as from the little influence of the economic position of the people in the speed of propagation of the virus. The high population density and the areas studied are not always indicative of further spread of the disease

A linear function has been determined to link the clinical parameters studied that could be used in subsequent prevalence and seroprevalence studies. The fundamental variables in the study of the coronavirus have been indicated according to socio-demographic and clinical factors. We warn about environmental factors to be studied.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.