Organizational Integration and its Impact on the Effectiveness of Operational Processes (A Case Study on Hikma Pharmaceuticals)

  •  Ayyoub. A. Alsawalhah    


This study aimed to identify the effect of organizational integration (cultural integration, leadership authority integration, functional integration, and structural integration) on the effectiveness of the operational processes (the effectiveness of the strategic plan, the effectiveness of resources and technologies, the effectiveness of performance and results) in the global pharmaceutical company, Hikma Pharmaceuticals. The researcher used the descriptive and analytical method and represented the study population in all Hikma Pharmaceuticals employees. The total number of included 520 administrative employees, the study sample consisted of 129 workers. The study concluded that the level of importance of organizational integration and the effectiveness of operational processes was high. Furthermore, it found that there is an effect of organizational integration in all its dimensions on the effectiveness of the operational processes at the company. The study recommended that Hikma Pharmaceuticals should work on building a comprehensive strategy for organizational development and integration, in addition to developing an integrated plan for developing the operational processes in the company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.