Talent Management Strategy and its Impact on Employee’s Development: An Empirical Study on Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies

  •  Ayyoub. A. Alsawalhah    


The present study aimed to explore the impact of the talent management strategy (attracting strategy, localizations strategy, investment strategy, and retaining strategy) on the employee development process, which helps stakeholders in the companies to take care of this while developing their strategies. The study is based on the descriptive and analytical approaches, A Questionnaire was designed for this study and was distributed to the sample of the community with a total of (280) questionnaires, 239 questionnaires were returned, that represent 85%. The study results show that there is an important role for strategic talent management in employee development in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. The researchers recommend: Developing a compensation system to encourage workers to stay in companies, support talented workers and involve them in important company decisions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.