Parallel Whale Optimization Algorithm for Maximum Flow Problem

  •  Raja Masadeh    
  •  Abdullah Alzaqebah    
  •  Bushra Smadi    
  •  Esra Masadeh    


Maximum Flow Problem (MFP) is considered as one of several famous problems in directed graphs. Many researchers studied MFP and its applications to solve problems using different techniques. One of the most popular algorithms that are employed to solve MFP is Ford-Fulkerson algorithm. However, this algorithm has long run time when it comes to application with large data size. For this reason, this study presents a parallel whale optimization (PWO) algorithm to get maximum flow in a weighted directed graph. The PWO algorithm is implemented and tested on datasets with different sizes. The PWO algorithm achieved up to 3.79 speedup on a machine with 4 processors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.