Challenges that Confront the Human Development in Jordan and Means of Limiting Them

  •  Hamzeh Ismail Ibrahim Abu Shari’ah    


The study aims at recognizing the human development as a worldly phenomenon and its challenges on the human development, especially in Jordan, being the most important and powerful resources to confront the challenges, meanwhile the study problematic had circulated in an axial question meaning what are the challenges that confront the human development and how to surmount them, and make barrier against achieving objectives of the state through the qualified human resources, reaching the welfare of the community and make happy its individuals? To answer the question of study and achieve its objectives. The study had employed the analytical descriptive method, and the study came asserting the correctness of this hypothesis. The study had made us deduce many deductions the most important of them is that the human development concentrates on achieving the economic development, not only to pure economic objectives, but another political, social, and environmental and at a truthful link with objectives of security and settlement. And the study obliged many deductions, the most important of which is laying a comprehensive strategy for the economic, social, and political development in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.