Analysis of Influential Factors of Think Tanks in Chinese Universities

  •  Jiayin Liu    
  •  Jilun Li    
  •  Jing Qin    


Based on the spreading mechanism of think tank influence in social paradigm, this paper constructs an I-RDPS influence factor model to analyze the influence factors of think tank influence in Chinese universities. Taking the think tanks in the “2018 CTTI College Think Tank and" Top 100 College Think Tank Report "” (Guangming Daily,2019,p.16)as the research object, using the CTTI China Think Tank Index and the CNKI Database, and using python to crawl and sample this college think tank official WeChat public account data, to obtain samples Data. Using factor analysis, normal upper percentile method, and multiple regression analysis to quantify the sample data to obtain the coefficient of influence of each indicator on the influence of think tanks in Chinese universities.

By analyzing the results, conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis to check and evaluate the results, and finally to make recommendations for the development of new think tanks in Chinese universities: a strategic guideline based on research results and giving full play to the advantages of distinctive disciplines; using flat modern management; and improving social networks in the evaluation system Weight of influence, attach importance to the construction of new media; build a management information system that meets the needs of college think tanks, and attach importance to resource accumulation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.