Perfume of Musk in the Narrative of “One Thousand and One Night” (Alf Lailah Wa Lailah)

  •  Salih Ali Al-Shora    


This study aims at discussing in usages of Musk in fables of the Narrative of “One Thousand and One Night” (Alf Lailah Wa Lailah), and since most of fables provided in the Narrative are performed on imagination the perfumes were heading their vocabulary, for their connection with the psychological factors that form the movement of human beings. And employing musk had been strongly present in that narrative, and the narrative asserted on the people, who were employing musk were from the rich and luxurious class in the community, because of its high price, the matter that enhanced, in turn, at the author of the narrative to go on dyeing his fables related with the first class with the scent of musk to bestow upon them something of reality. This is in addition to looking at some usages of musk that were connected with myths and legends for the musk to be the ambassador between reality and imagination.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.