A Proposed Educational Role for Jordanian Universities to Integrate Education into Sustainable Development in the Educational Learning Process

  •  Maram Fuad Abu Al Nadi    


This study well shed some light on a proposed role for Jordanian universities to integrate education on sustainable development in the educational learning process, the study used the descriptive method, and a questionnaire of (30) terms has been set.

 The validity of the tool was verified. 300 faculty members from Jordanian official universities namely: Jordan, Yarmouk and Mutata University, were randomly selected. The study concluded the following results:

-The opinion of the faculty members of Jordanian universities on the idea of integrating education with sustainable development in the educational process was moderate.

- The study showed differences in statistical semantics, depending on the type of the faculty, academic rank and gender, where these indications favored the scientific colleges, professorship rank and female sex.

- The study hopes that the Ministry of Higher Education will take the concept of sustainable development in the educational process to enhance cooperation between universities and public and private institutions in society, in order to develop new and innovative disciplines that meet the needs of the new stage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.