A Comprehensive Survey on Node Metrics of RPL Protocol for IoT

  •  Adeeb Saaidah    
  •  Omar Almomani    
  •  Laila Al-Qaisi.    
  •  Nesreen Alsharman    
  •  Faisal Alzyoud    


Internet of Things (IOT) system often consists of thousands of constrained connected devices. Resource-constrained devices one of critical issues in a low- power and lossy network LLNs. RPL is IPv6 routing protocol. It’s designed by IETF to be simple and inter-operable networking protocol to overcome these resource limitations. The RPL carries out Objective Functions (OFs) in the aim of finding the best path. The OFs chooses the best parent nodes aiming to build the route and optimize it. The metrics used to build the OF must be selected in an effective and accurate manner for finding the optimal path and meets all constraints. A survey about node metrics which can be utilized in OFs of RPL is presented, and node metrics calculations are explained then discussed thoroughly. The researcher displays the most relevant research efforts regarding the RPL OFs existing in literature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.